Karbon Practice Excellence Assessment
Complete this 5-10 min survey to obtain your Practice Excellence Scorecard.

The Scorecard will provide you with a scores and analysis covering all areas of practice excellence. You will also receive a tailored list of recommended resources to help you grow in the areas that need most work.

All responses provided are completely confidential and used only to provide you with your firm's Scorecard. All results will be anonymously included in summaries of the wider accounting industry.

Results are provided with 1-2 business days of submission. If you have any questions or feedback, please email ian@karbonhq.com.

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Please complete the following seven questions (<1 minute to complete). They are required to ensure we can provide relevant comparisons with your final results.

What services does your firm provide to your clients? *

How long has your firm been in business? *

What was your company’s total revenue over the past 12 months (in your local currency)? *

Full name

Please complete the following ten multiple choice questions (<2 minute to complete). Please answer in respect to your understanding of how things operate in your firm. If unsure, provide your best guess.

How often do you or your team meet in regards to project work, check-ins, or firm-wide meetings?

How often do you update a given process used by the staff in your firm?

How many of your processes are documented (written and available)?

Which one of the following statements most accurately describes your personal attitudes towards technology?

What percentage of your client base is using a cloud accounting product (e.g. Intuit QuickBooks Online or Xero)?

How do you market and sell your services?

How often do you review & update your business strategy (e.g. purpose, vision, mission, values)?

As a percentage of your total revenue, how much does your firm spend on online technology in an average year (including web subscriptions & technology training)?

How often do you update your written marketing plan?

How long on average does it take you to close a prospect (from first contact)?

How often do you track your client’s happiness or satisfaction?

To what degree are the overall firm objectives set and aligned across your organization?

Do you reward yourself or your employees for the work they perform?

When you implement new initiatives, how and when is the broader staff communicated with?

Please complete the following four multi-select questions (<1 minute to complete). Check off all that you currently use or do.

Select all the technologies that you use to manage your practice:

Select all the metrics that you track and report on in your practice:

Select all the activities you have completed for your practice:

Select all the activities you and/or your staff have completed in the past 2 years:

Please complete the following 10 confidence question (<1 minute to complete). For each question, please answer on a numeric scale from 1 (“Not at all confident”) to 5 (“Extremely confident”).

When onboarding new clients, how confident are you that your team completes it in as little time as possible?

When thinking of the phrase “Firm of the Future”, how confident are you that your firm represents that phrase?

How confident are you that your business strategy is understood and executed against by your staff day in and day out?

How confident are you that your peers would label your firm as a “leader in innovation”?

When executing a marketing activity, how confident are you that it is executed flawlessly and across all applicable marketing channels for maximum effectiveness?

How confident are you that any given staff member could use your sales process to close a prospective client if you were away from the office?

How confident are you that every client you have is proactively being managed by your staff?

If you lost a key employee today, how confident are you that you could replace that staff member quickly (<3 months)?

Are you confident that your current organizational structure will deliver the outcomes you desire in the long-term?

How confident are you that you staff can handle new firm-wide changes quickly, positively, and enthusiastically with minimal impact to day-to-day operations?

Thank you for taking the time to complete the Karbon Practice Excellence Assessment.

We are processing your results and building your practice specific scorecard. Due to the high volume of requests we have received, it may take up to 48 hours to return your results. You will receive your personalized results in your email.

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